Our Life at Denbury Farm Blog 28th October 2017

October 28, 2017 in new_blog, Uncategorized by MrFarmer

Today has been the first Pheasant Game shooting of the season at Pitpear Farm. Pitpear is adjacent to our property Denbury Farm. Many of you would be aware of my dislike of this evil pastime. I believe it to be by far the worst blood sport, bar none. Fox and Deer hunts are not acceptable and are already banned, or meant to be. Game shooting should be, but with the wealthy and royalty that participate in the evil pastime, it unfortunately will never. 

I cant imagine what pleasure people get in shooting pheasants and other game bird, (what a revolting name, game birds) It is meant to be a manly thing to do? LOL, although there are women who participate. (Shame on them) For sure there is no skill in shooting game birds. Shot gun cartridges used for game shooting are packed with as many as 410 small pellets, that spray out in a very large area making it nearly impossible to miss the bird they are trying to kill.  My conclusion is that they are wanabee soldiers, action men. 

I am not a vegan or even a vegetarian. Although I don’t like game shooting and would never participate even to eat, I will accept a person shooting who eats all he shoots, but most of the shoots like Pitpears Farm with Nigel Webber and his Son Robert Webber invite people to pay and join a syndicate to shoot on their land. Lots of shoots also do organised corporate days out for complete novices, who have never handled a shotgun let alone shot one that make it even more likely the birds will not be killed outright. Other than a few that are sold to restaurants and game outlets most of the games birds shot are dumped. Last year I found 40 birds dumped on the side of a local road.

The pheasants and game birds from the day they hatch, are reliant on man, they are fed and watered by them up to the day they are shot. They don’t see man as a threat as do deer, fox and rabbits who would take flight. Man to the birds are no threat what so ever. One day those they rely on send in dogs into woods, scrub, hedges and other places that is their sanctuary and refuge. They frighten them into the path of being murdered, by burning hot gun shot, making them fall from heights that alone would severely injure them, if not death. Many do not die instantly and I have found them alive on my property days after the shoots with gunshot injuries, broken wings and legs, limping and struggling trying to find feed that until they were shot would be put down by their murderers to keep them in their boundaries. We with some degree of success manage to entice a good number of the birds to a safe haven on our farm. 

Prince William and Harry and other so called royalty should set an example and not be two faced making out to be concerned with wildlife in Africa and beyond and stop murdering birds in the country they are meant to represent. The Crown Prosecution Service confirmed Harry was questioned on the Sandringham estate over the shooting of Two Hen Harriers, very rare bird that will eat game birds for food. I am loosing all respect for these two clowns. I am ashamed that I once and only once went on a shoot. I know the evil it is.

Photos. Pheasants ready to be run over after being released ready to be shot. A beautiful Pheasant and  Nigel Webber and his son Richard of Pitpear Farm