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Our Life at Denbury Farm 18th March 2018


To our relief our Llamas have tested negative to TB. I must admit we are very surprised that not even one had it. More so with the history of bovine tb on the dairy farm next door to us, and that Llama are very susceptible to the disease. Not only is a good for the Llama it is a good sign that the badgers in the area are tb free.The badger feeding area is getting very busy.

I don’t know how many are in the sett but we are seeing at least five different ones most nights. We reckon that some may have come from one of the satellite setts nearby. Last night the wildlife using the feeding area was magic. We had visiting Roe deer, fox and badger. Two deer were feeding when a badger came and joined them feeding. There was no arguments or running off, just animals laid back and feeding. It was a bit different when a fox showed its face whilst the deer were feeding a little later, the deer were having none of it. The fox was chased off so quick that it didn’t have time to get a mouthful. It did come back when the coast was clear and had agood feed. We are looking foreword to when the badger cubs are ready to show themselves. If the fox come with her cubs later in the year it will be an eyeful. We are so very fortunate  to have the wild life we do at Denbury.

The geese landed back on the lake a couple of weeks ago. Six flew in, just staying for two days. Not sure when but what we believe to be our two regulars flew in on the own next day and have stayed since. Last year for many a year there were no goslings. They nested but flew away a month or so later. There have been a lot of geese flying over the farm in recent days. It is a nice sound when they fly over honking. Many a morning when the mornings are lighter we are woken with their call.

We are having another dose of snow today. We rarely get snow in this part of the country. The last was a good few years ago. It so bad we couldn’t get off the farm for a week. It hasn’t been that bad but we are having a fair bit. We got the sheep inside on the first occasion, Just in time as it happened as the first night in they started to lamb. I will try this week to get the camera watching the sheep.

We heard the beginning of the dawn chorus this week and the first woodpecker, pecking a nest. The daffodils are budding and the snowdrops dying back’, Spring is on its way until the snow stopped it all.