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Our Life At Denbury Farm 24th February 2018


I must be mad. Mrs Farmer had me up at to drive 25 miles to the RSPB Wetlands at Ham Wall, Meare this morning so she could do a little photography. The drive takes us across the Somerset Levels where in 2014 we had the major floods. First time that I have been that way since the floods. Usually every year the Levels would flood, not to the extents as 2014, but with the major work that has been done dredging the manmade canals and drains there were just small wet areas rather than the whole levels being, if not flooded at least underwater, especially with the very wet winter we have had this year. I cant imagine that the dredging has not been detrimental to the waterfowl in that part of the levels. There is another RSPB wetlands centre on this part of the levels. I had  never noticed it before, so we may look there next time.

What a beautiful  morning to go there, but it was it cold.  We could not have arrived at a better time, getting there just as the sun was rising. And what a beautiful sight it was. If nothing else it was worth getting up early just for that, but there was much more with the waterfowl. Widgeon, Snipe, Tufted Duck, Egret and much more.  Of course getting there at sunrise all was waking up with their calls, quacking, whistling and honking when the geese were flying over. We are going again in about two weeks time, trouble is that we will need to get up half an hour earlier.

Our Llama were given tuberculin on Monday two weeks back. We made a temporary race with two gates to confine them in at one at a time. It worked very well with them being very calm. Two decided that they didn’t want to hang about and jumped over the side rather than us opening the gate, one had been done the other the vet chased and managed to do on a lead rope. On Monday coming the vet will return and take blood samples for testing. Its then a week or so wait for the results.