Our life at Denbury Farm Blog 19th September 2017

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I make no apology for these 3 photographs that show the wrong in the killing our wildlife, and how those who are doing the killing are causing the spread of any disease that they are meant to be controlling and causing these innocent badgers.

The first photo is of a cage trap that was left in a field after a badger was trapped and shot, many hours after it was first trapped. The culling companies licences are given under very strict conditions. The most important are hygiene and not allowing any animal to suffer. These strict conditions are being completely ignored by those murdering our wildlife

The second photo is of a badger that was shot by a high velocity .243 rifle that obviously did not kill the badger outright and it was allowed by to suffer a lingering painful death that know body knowing how long it suffered. Again against the strict conditions that those culling should allow any animal to suffer.

The third photo is from yesterdays Daily Mirror that shows a badger who bled to death after being caught and shot in the cage, it was not outright. It was found at 1.40pm, some 6 ½ hours after dawn. Another breach of those licensed to murder our wildlife.

Remember this policy of killing badgers has been instigated by the National Farmers Union, although scientific evidence shows that only 3% of badgers are carriers of bovine TB and that cattle passed it onto badgers. With the help of approximately 30 conservative Members of Parliament who lobby on behalf National Farmers Union they pass an act that is evil.

The .243 rifle are the favourite guns of those killing. It is a long range rifle that the bullets will travel in access of 1 mile. Using firearm that travel at over a mile, at night is an accident waiting to happen to anyone who travels or live in the countryside.