Our life at Denbury Farm Blog 6th October 2017

October 6, 2017 in new_blog, Uncategorized by MrFarmer


We have been so busy over the past weeks that I have had very little time to do a blog. 

We had a new addition on the farm yesterday with the birth of another Llama (Cria) We started with two not so many years ago, and now have eleven.

Also yesterday the horses got their new winters wear. Being warm bloods and an Arab they are fine coated, To be able to leave them out until winter sets in they need rugging up to keep warm. The pony is a welsh mountain pony that gets a very thick winter coat and doesn’t really need a rug, but she has one, just so she doesn’t feel left out.

With the help of Bobbie, Fox and others we have been patrolling in our area looking for badger cull traps and those shooting the badgers. It has been a 24/7 job checking around fields, hedges and woods. The drone with the night vision helps a lot, but it is tedious but well worth the effort if we only to save one badger, but I am sure all those patrolling are saving many more. After being shit on by those giving promises, I cannot imagine how we could of managed without Bobbie and Fox, they are patrolling around the cull area every night and day with very little sleep. If we had got some little help from the Somerset Badger Patrol who have been conspicuous by their absence it would have been helpful,  but no it hasn’t happened. But that’s life it and teaches you to know who you can trust. 

The pheasant shooting season started on the 1st of October, and don’t you know it. Yesterday at Chapel Leigh, without I promise any exaggeration, more shots were fired than any exaggerated war movie. How many birds were slaughtered or are now struggling about injured I wouldn’t want to guess. It must have been a lot. What pleasure they get from killing these beautiful birds I really can imagine. In a different life, before I realised what a moron I was being, I went on a shoot and believe me you really don’t need to be an expert shot, in fact a novice could do it without any tuition.  Could be they are wannabe soldiers. I am told any of the organised shoots who haven’t joined the cull will avoid having their shoot disrupted by saboteurs.