Our Life at Denbury Farm Blog 23rd October 2017

October 23, 2017 in new_blog, Uncategorized by MrFarmer


The Police have been stood down in the Somerset Cull Area meaning the badger cull is finished for this year. Although the cull has finished we will be patrolling for a while just in case there are attempts to get numbers up. How many this Conservative. Government ordered by The National Farmers Union have managed to murder, it will soon be known. What ever the total is, the cull experiment will be a complete waste of time and money that could be spent on those people who are suffering because of the hardship they are enduring because of welfare cuts. Next year it will start again unless the Government stops being controlled by the NFU. The only glimmer of hope is Michael Gove the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs who is known for being a radical, honest not being as politician who wastes money. Wish full thinking, maybe.

For the past week Bobbie and Fox have been pursued, harassed, threatened and their lives put at risk by a group of people associated with the person who assaulted and stole from Bobbie in the area of Hamwood Farm, near Wellington. The Farm is signed up to be in the cull. Bobbie and Fox found two shooters on the farm a couple of days ago. The Police were phoned and attended on the past three nights, giving the people concerned warnings and last night issuing the driver with a section 59 as they had witnessed the incidents themselves. After a week of harassing and threats, why were they not arrested and charged? How long are these people going to be  allowed to get away with it before someone is injured or even killed.

The cull company has a duty and is required by its licence to murder the badgers that it is to make sure that the cull is organised and those employed in a way not to endanger any property or people. They are failing and should have had the licence revoked.

Last night seven people including Bobbie and Fox were out patrolling the same area without any problems. Even a few badgers were seen. Well done all those sincere caring people who have been trying to stop the murder of innocent animals. Personally we cannot thank Bobbie and Fox enough for the hours they have spent at our farm patrolling, and not only here for they have helped in other areas where they have had so much trouble directed at them. Remember all you lumps of dogs diarrhoea who have demonised them, you know who you are, try to be as them and walk the walk not talk the talk.