Our Life at Denbury Farm Blog 16th October 2017

October 16, 2017 in new_blog, Uncategorized by MrFarmer

Bobbie has not been put off after being assaulted by the cull companies henchmen. She was out patrolling yesterday day and night, just a few hours after the assault as both her and Fox have been for the past seven weeks. The Police are taking the assault seriously and an investigating is taking place in the area. This sort of assaults and very much more severe every week when protesters against animal cruelty are being targeted by vigilantes employed by fox hunting kennels so that they are able illegally. WATCH THIS, IF HE DOSENT GET A LONG PRISON SENTENCE THE SYSTEM WILL BE PROVED TO BE CORRUPT.  https://www.facebook.com/WestMidsHuntSabs/  AND SCROLL DOWN. THE SAME PERSON WAS NOT PROSECUTED WHEN HE ATTACKED PROTESTER WITH AND IRON BAR. 



Last night whilst patrolling at 10.30 pm I spied a suspicious person in a layby/carpark on Ash Priors common just half a mile from the farm. We traced him to an address in Bishops Lydeard, after the same person was seen by Bobbie and Fox a week or so ago in an other layby at 11.0pm in the same vehicle a 4 x 4. Both locations are extremely quite, very strange places to be at that time of night. I challenged the driver and took a photograph of him. After doing a patrol I returned to the car park where he was just leaving. I followed where he parked up again in a very strange place. Phoned Bobbie and Fox who found the person in the same place. His reason for his suspicious actions was that he was extremely religious and was in a quite locations to pray. No way, didn’t believe that for one moment. We know where he lives, and will keep watch. Of course he may well be innocent.

On night time patrolling in the countryside every vehicle has to be suspect. Like Bobbie and Fox I have done so every night for seven weeks, rarely seeing any vehicles. It is just watching for lamps, listening for gunshots and following suspicious vehicles. Daytime it is checking fields for traps, badger peanut bait points and again looking for suspicious vehicles. We hope it is doing some good and saving some badgers but there are thousands of acres that have to be checked. The target for this years cull is 33000. What evil bastards these people are in government, when there is so much that proves that badgers are only a small, if any cause of Bovine TB and the money, ten of millions of £s that is being wasted on this wicked cull.