Our Life at Denbury Farm Blog 27th July 2017

July 27, 2017 in new_blog by MrFarmer

At our Granddaughter Lexi’s  school every year at about March time they have a competition for the children to get the longest carrot and the heaviest potato. The two years ago she participated and Lexi had the heaviest potato. Unfortunately as usual for me I only glanced the letter from the school and instead of the carrot being the biggest it needed to be the longest. Lexi had the biggest but not the longest. This March gone her potato wasn’t very heavy and although we had a very long carrot, by the time that it was due to be taken into school it had gone rotten, and Lexi wouldn’t take it in. She didn’t do well and it was no help to hear Lexi’s teacher say that the parents at the school were very competitive. That was a challenge I couldn’t ignore.

Latish May we started to take up the challenge and purchased a few large growing seed potato’s called Kondor and a small packet of giant carrot seeds. We purchased a good few bags of the best bagged soil, various potato and carrot fertilisers and other items that I was told would help in our quest to grow some monster. LOL

Lexi helped to plant a few carrot seeds and after they had started to shoot we planted them in the containers as in the photo. To get longest giant carrots they need to be grown in a high tub in the hope they will grow long. The potato’s are easier to grow in a containers as you need to take reduce the amount that are growing under the soil to one potato per plant, then all of  the goodness the potato’s are getting go into a single potato. Mrs Farmer did that yesterday. The photo is of just a third of what she harvested. We ate the rest last night, they were very tasty. The four potatoes plants were planted at the end of May from just four plants, so we go a lot of potatoes. She left a few of the largest to grow we hope into winners. We are keeping our fingers crossed.