Our Life at Denbury Farm Blog 29th July 2017

July 29, 2017 in new_blog by MrFarmer

We have three type of deer visit Denbury Farm. The Red and Roe Deer regularly come, in fact most days we see them in the valley and very often also at the Badger feeding area. Most nights this week I have seen a Red Deer hind eating the corn we put down. The Badgers take little notice of them, but the fox doesn’t usually stay around to long. Since the Red have been feeding we haven’t seen much of the Roe, only once this week.

This year we have seen more Red than we have for a few years. There are many herds on the Quantock Hills and Exmoor that are very close to the farm. Some of those who have been watching the webcams for many years may have remembered seeing a large herd rutting in the valley many Autumns ago.

The other deer we have visit is a Muntjac Deer. A  week ago I saw one in the valley, it would have been the first I had seen for many years. Before I realised it was a Muntjac I started to look for a Roe Deer hind believing it to be a fawn as it was so small, it was a fair way away from where I was working but I soon realised it was a Muntjac by it being a more reddish colour than a Roe. It hadn’t noticed me working on the webcam and stayed around grazing for a good ten minutes. We are very lucky having the wildlife we have at Denbury Farm.