Our life at Denbury Farm Blog 15th October 2017

October 15, 2017 in new_blog, Uncategorized by MrFarmer


Unless there is an extension, we are coming into the last week of this pointless badger cull.

The Badger Cull companies are employing vigilantes to assault those people who are trying to save the badgers. Bobbie one of our girls who are patrolling around our farm was seriously assaulted last night and her body cam and other property stolen. It wont stop her or others doing what is right.

Pointless because it is never going to stop the spread of Bovine TB. The government and their masters the National Farmers Union have known this from the very start. There is to much evidence that is being ignored that proves it. It is political instigated with the help thirty conservative MPs who lobby for the NFU. Why? what are they getting? If by killing our badgers it was going to stop BTB then I would be all for it, but it is not. Of all the badgers tested only 3% had TB. Fox, deer, farm cats, dogs and camelid’s have been shown to be larger carriers of the disease. 

Although deer and fox  are carriers and spread TB as badgers  they will never be culled because it will stop fox and deer hunting that is an evil pastime of the so called gentry, rich farmers, royalty and politicians. A disgrace. Our pets wont because of the massive outcry that there would be. With camelids who are probably the largest carriers, there is no policy That just leaves the badgers because it is easy for them to be blamed as their homes are on farms.

Farmers have to sign up and pay for their land to be included in a badger cull. If they don’t join they are pursued by the cull companies at livestock markets and phone calls from other farmers pressurising them to join. I know of many farmers in my area who haven’t joined because it is to expensive, or as three brother who farm nearby and a dairy farmers next to us told me that it would be a waste of time being that deer are carriers. All three brothers are elderly and have farmed cattle all of their lives and they would know, so why don’t the government and NFU, because they don’t want to, because its political.

I know the names of two directors of the cull company in my area. They don’t like people to know who they are because they are cowards. We are also getting information of those who are shooting. There are lots of people including farmers who are against the cull.

Three shot dead badgers found by a wounded badger patrol in Wiltshire. Been left in open for extended period no concern for bio security. Shooters just piling them up at various locations to be picked up for bagging & incineration at some point. National disgrace