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Bobbie has not been put off after being assaulted by the cull companies henchmen. She was out patrolling yesterday day and night, just a few hours after the assault as both her and Fox have been for the past seven weeks. The Police are taking the assault seriously and an investigating is taking place in the area. This sort of assaults and very much more severe every week when protesters against animal cruelty are being targeted by vigilantes employed by fox hunting kennels so that they are able illegally. WATCH THIS, IF HE DOSENT GET A LONG PRISON SENTENCE THE SYSTEM WILL BE PROVED TO BE CORRUPT.  AND SCROLL DOWN. THE SAME PERSON WAS NOT PROSECUTED WHEN HE ATTACKED PROTESTER WITH AND IRON BAR. 



Last night whilst patrolling at 10.30 pm I spied a suspicious person in a layby/carpark on Ash Priors common just half a mile from the farm. We traced him to an address in Bishops Lydeard, after the same person was seen by Bobbie and Fox a week or so ago in an other layby at 11.0pm in the same vehicle a 4 x 4. Both locations are extremely quite, very strange places to be at that time of night. I challenged the driver and took a photograph of him. After doing a patrol I returned to the car park where he was just leaving. I followed where he parked up again in a very strange place. Phoned Bobbie and Fox who found the person in the same place. His reason for his suspicious actions was that he was extremely religious and was in a quite locations to pray. No way, didn’t believe that for one moment. We know where he lives, and will keep watch. Of course he may well be innocent.

On night time patrolling in the countryside every vehicle has to be suspect. Like Bobbie and Fox I have done so every night for seven weeks, rarely seeing any vehicles. It is just watching for lamps, listening for gunshots and following suspicious vehicles. Daytime it is checking fields for traps, badger peanut bait points and again looking for suspicious vehicles. We hope it is doing some good and saving some badgers but there are thousands of acres that have to be checked. The target for this years cull is 33000. What evil bastards these people are in government, when there is so much that proves that badgers are only a small, if any cause of Bovine TB and the money, ten of millions of £s that is being wasted on this wicked cull.

Our life at Denbury Farm Blog 15th October 2017


Unless there is an extension, we are coming into the last week of this pointless badger cull.

The Badger Cull companies are employing vigilantes to assault those people who are trying to save the badgers. Bobbie one of our girls who are patrolling around our farm was seriously assaulted last night and her body cam and other property stolen. It wont stop her or others doing what is right.

Pointless because it is never going to stop the spread of Bovine TB. The government and their masters the National Farmers Union have known this from the very start. There is to much evidence that is being ignored that proves it. It is political instigated with the help thirty conservative MPs who lobby for the NFU. Why? what are they getting? If by killing our badgers it was going to stop BTB then I would be all for it, but it is not. Of all the badgers tested only 3% had TB. Fox, deer, farm cats, dogs and camelid’s have been shown to be larger carriers of the disease. 

Although deer and fox  are carriers and spread TB as badgers  they will never be culled because it will stop fox and deer hunting that is an evil pastime of the so called gentry, rich farmers, royalty and politicians. A disgrace. Our pets wont because of the massive outcry that there would be. With camelids who are probably the largest carriers, there is no policy That just leaves the badgers because it is easy for them to be blamed as their homes are on farms.

Farmers have to sign up and pay for their land to be included in a badger cull. If they don’t join they are pursued by the cull companies at livestock markets and phone calls from other farmers pressurising them to join. I know of many farmers in my area who haven’t joined because it is to expensive, or as three brother who farm nearby and a dairy farmers next to us told me that it would be a waste of time being that deer are carriers. All three brothers are elderly and have farmed cattle all of their lives and they would know, so why don’t the government and NFU, because they don’t want to, because its political.

I know the names of two directors of the cull company in my area. They don’t like people to know who they are because they are cowards. We are also getting information of those who are shooting. There are lots of people including farmers who are against the cull.

Three shot dead badgers found by a wounded badger patrol in Wiltshire. Been left in open for extended period no concern for bio security. Shooters just piling them up at various locations to be picked up for bagging & incineration at some point. National disgrace

Our life at Denbury Farm Blog 6th October 2017


We have been so busy over the past weeks that I have had very little time to do a blog. 

We had a new addition on the farm yesterday with the birth of another Llama (Cria) We started with two not so many years ago, and now have eleven.

Also yesterday the horses got their new winters wear. Being warm bloods and an Arab they are fine coated, To be able to leave them out until winter sets in they need rugging up to keep warm. The pony is a welsh mountain pony that gets a very thick winter coat and doesn’t really need a rug, but she has one, just so she doesn’t feel left out.

With the help of Bobbie, Fox and others we have been patrolling in our area looking for badger cull traps and those shooting the badgers. It has been a 24/7 job checking around fields, hedges and woods. The drone with the night vision helps a lot, but it is tedious but well worth the effort if we only to save one badger, but I am sure all those patrolling are saving many more. After being shit on by those giving promises, I cannot imagine how we could of managed without Bobbie and Fox, they are patrolling around the cull area every night and day with very little sleep. If we had got some little help from the Somerset Badger Patrol who have been conspicuous by their absence it would have been helpful,  but no it hasn’t happened. But that’s life it and teaches you to know who you can trust. 

The pheasant shooting season started on the 1st of October, and don’t you know it. Yesterday at Chapel Leigh, without I promise any exaggeration, more shots were fired than any exaggerated war movie. How many birds were slaughtered or are now struggling about injured I wouldn’t want to guess. It must have been a lot. What pleasure they get from killing these beautiful birds I really can imagine. In a different life, before I realised what a moron I was being, I went on a shoot and believe me you really don’t need to be an expert shot, in fact a novice could do it without any tuition.  Could be they are wannabe soldiers. I am told any of the organised shoots who haven’t joined the cull will avoid having their shoot disrupted by saboteurs.



Our life at Denbury Farm Blog 19th September 2017



I make no apology for these 3 photographs that show the wrong in the killing our wildlife, and how those who are doing the killing are causing the spread of any disease that they are meant to be controlling and causing these innocent badgers.

The first photo is of a cage trap that was left in a field after a badger was trapped and shot, many hours after it was first trapped. The culling companies licences are given under very strict conditions. The most important are hygiene and not allowing any animal to suffer. These strict conditions are being completely ignored by those murdering our wildlife

The second photo is of a badger that was shot by a high velocity .243 rifle that obviously did not kill the badger outright and it was allowed by to suffer a lingering painful death that know body knowing how long it suffered. Again against the strict conditions that those culling should allow any animal to suffer.

The third photo is from yesterdays Daily Mirror that shows a badger who bled to death after being caught and shot in the cage, it was not outright. It was found at 1.40pm, some 6 ½ hours after dawn. Another breach of those licensed to murder our wildlife.

Remember this policy of killing badgers has been instigated by the National Farmers Union, although scientific evidence shows that only 3% of badgers are carriers of bovine TB and that cattle passed it onto badgers. With the help of approximately 30 conservative Members of Parliament who lobby on behalf National Farmers Union they pass an act that is evil.

The .243 rifle are the favourite guns of those killing. It is a long range rifle that the bullets will travel in access of 1 mile. Using firearm that travel at over a mile, at night is an accident waiting to happen to anyone who travels or live in the countryside.

Our Life at Denbury Farm Blog 11th September 2017


Today Defra licenced the killing of 33500 innocent badgers in twenty one new areas around the country, without any scientific evidence that it is badgers who are the cause of bovine tuberculosis. In fact there is evidence that shows cattle are the cause of bovine tuberculosis in badgers. This government has not even tried to test any of the badgers murdered to see how many do carry Bovine TB. What a disgraceful way to decide that badgers must be murdered. Why do not the government kill your dog, cat, deer and most other of the animals. They all carry Bovine TB

This government policy on the badger cull is being dictated to them by the National Farmers Union. Please Please check that they do not insure your homes and belongings with them. If they do, please change your insurance company to show them you are against the murder of badgers, an important part of our wildlife. The NFU do polls to show that only a minority of the population support the cull. Its a lie. 90% of people in this country cherish our wildlife, it is an important part of our ecosystem.

We are doing all we can to protect our badgers with day and night patrols with sincere lovers of all wildlife. We are also using a drones to watch a large area with thermal imaging cameras. Could do with more help as Jay Tiernan aka Gamel Eboe after using our field for 2013 to 2015 for refuge for the patrols shit on us and refused us help after he promised he would never let us down. He also did the  same to a farm in Devon. So all those who want to contribute make sure you don’t contribute to Stop the Cull or any associated groups. Support only your local sab group. I can give you their websites.

We are going to try to help try to reduce the amount of badgers murdered. If any person knows anyone who is helping to murder the badgers, please let us know  their names, addresses, vehicle registration numbers and where they are operating. You can also let us know of any suspicious vehicles who are carrying large cages or are unusual 4 wheel drive vehicles driving around at unusual hours. We will then name and shame them. Any person who know the cull companies please let us know.

Our Life at Denbury Farm Blog 6th August 2017

I must admit my biggest hates are rats and mice. My mother was the cause of it, she was frightened of them and passed it onto me. I don’t even like to see them and will do all I can to make sure I don’t. Frightened of them would be an understatement. I remembered once some years ago sitting on a tree stump in our wood watching deer. I felt something on my shoe, on looking down there looked like a herd of them jumping around my feet, I didn’t hang about, I left in a real hurry. I wouldn’t even allow my children to have pet mice or hamster’s, so when Mrs Farmer showed me the photographs she had taken of the mice I brushed them aside, not wanting to know until she showed them to a friend who convinced me I should take a peek. I suppose the mice in photograph is a bit more acceptable than rats.
The Badger Cull has not started in our area yet. Don’t know what is happening because the first culls in both West Somerset and Gloucestershire have been extended for another 5 years so the Government has gone against its word as the idea was to see what difference the cull has made. Believe me, it hasn’t. People I know who live in the area and have been sabbing the cull for the past four years have seen very few badgers in the cull area and Bovine TB in cattle herds have no reduced at all. I believe there has been an increase. With the 10000 badgers murdered just a very small percentage has been tested for TB. What have only a minimal amount have been found to have the disease.  Extending the cull shows clearly that the government are trying to kill every badger. Evil bastards. And remember it is the NFU who have been most vocal in calling for the cull. There is a lot of you who can punish the NFU by not ever insuring with them.
Even though the cull has not started in our area we have people out day and night checking for traps and shooters. They have thermal imaging monocular so they are well able to check for the killers. There are also others who are watching for strangers with instruction to take photographs of any suspicious people who if they are out to shoot or trap will be named and shamed.





Our Life at Denbury Farm Blog 29th August 2017

I wasn’t clever enough to reduce the size of our drone footage to be able to download it to our last blog. I got a friend to do it for me. So it is on tonight.

I put the drone footage on so that the Badger Killers can see that we are prepared for them. We are able to see all around the farm. If you check the model you will see just how good it is.DJi Phantom  Pro Plus. It is capable of flying for 30 minutes and travel for at least 5 miles. It has many other goodies on it, like follow me where it can be set to follow, so if we see a killer we can set the drone to follow where ever they go. Can even upload a live view on Facebook, so it is an awesome bit of equipment for sabbing, especially for fox hunting. We also have a thermal imaging attachment for nightime. Same as what you see in helicopter police chases at night. Because it is an attachment I am unable to record it. But its good. 

That enough of the cull for a moment. The drone shows just what a view the Buzzards can see whilst they are soaring. In fact any bird of prey whilst they are hunting. We never found the buzzard nest on the farm, but every day we see the Buzzard Fledgling and its parents hunting our fields for food and teaching the youngster. 

The Buzzards have a lot to contend with a very large flock of Crows we have on the farm, a murder of crows is their proper name. The way they gang up and swoop on the buzzards I can understand why they are so called. At the crows nesting time it is far worse. We wonder why the buzzards nest here, but they have done so for the twenty seven year we have been here. One year we had fourteen pairs all together flying above us. It was a sight. It was at that time that we found a young buzzard nearly drowning in the lake. It was in a bad way so we took it to West Hatch RSPCA centre that is quite close to us. They told us that they would phone when it was well, so it could be released back to our area. They never did. We always regret not trying to help it ourselves.

Our Life at Denbury Farm Blog 28th August 2017


I reckon the photo of the badgers is them telling that they are watching and waiting. The video is to show the our drones view of the farm and glimpse of what and who we can see. We also have thermal for night time. The Roe Deer scull was found on a walkabout checking for traps. 

To all you very sincere sabs and other well wishers, thank you for all your support and kind offers. Over the years of meeting many of you sabs through camp badger  I know that most of you do the sabbing at great cost to yourselves and put yourselves at risk of being assaulted and abused by those you are sabbing against, some of the police and the courts.

Some of the many messages and feedback  are very concerning about the way money that Jay Tiernan is collecting is being handed out to the Badger Camps. In 2015 when a camp was at Denbury Farm, request for funds were being refused for one reason or another, that I could not understand. I understood that Stop the Cull was started to collect money for all Badger Camps and activities.  Make no mistake it is the Badger Camps and others money, it is not Jay Tiernans money. I find very irregular that just one person, Jay Tiernan, more so that he is a convicted fraudster has got control of money that is meant to help you all. The accounts for Stop the Cull should be available to all. The only solution for complete transparency is that a funding committee should be actioned to collect all monies. I will be updating further information that I have as soon as it is confirmed.

The camp badger field is available if any of you can arrange a camp this year or if any of you can do any night sabbing it would help. We have people watching and patrolling. Two people who have been demonised by Jay Tiernan and others I must say are Bobbies and Fox, they have never let me down in the help with both the badger cull and game shooting that  is more repulsive than all. Their way of sabbing may not be to all peoples likings. But for sure it works and that is what matters. They are very sincere and a pleasure to have as friends.

Our Life at Denbury Farm Blog 22nd August 2017



This year’s 2017 killing by Badger Cull will get into full swing after this bank holiday, going on for 6 weeks. (Map of killing areas there is a list of what to look and for below.
The badger cage traps will start being put out from now, as will peanuts to start encouraging the badgers to the enter the traps than initially will be left open. The trappers will go back to the traps very early in the morning. 3 to 4 am is not unusual, the captured badgers are then blown to pieces with a 12 bore shotgun. The so called marksman will be out most of the night with their high powered rifles, scouring the countryside in areas that have previously been identified. Badgers are a creature of habit, they use the same pathways for many decades, leaving easy signs for the killers to see. Trouble is that the so called marksman are not all marksman at all and will wound the badgers who will die a lingering agonising death. The evil barbaric government promised humane and professional killing. In 4 years it has not been that.
The badger cull saboteurs work hard to stops the killings. Many will spend all day hunting the countryside for the traps to let the pixies know their whereabouts. Others will drive around countryside all night looking for the marksman who will not want to be seen doing their evil job and take flight as soon as they are spotted by the saboteurs, so as not to be identified and shown as being the filth they are. The saboteurs have been demonised by Member of Parliament Ian Liddell-Grainger who wrote “I thought most of them were in the habit of lying in bed until the pubs open, or until the postman arrives with the benefit cheque (or do such things get paid straight into their accounts these days?) “Either way, since they are all malingerers and scroungers there is no real incentive to leap out of bed as soon as the dawn chorus strikes up,”   They are not. Many are professional people, house wife’s and different occupations who have been taking their annual holidays and weekends walking fields and woodlands in the pouring rain, helping to protect the badgers and all wildlife. All are very sincere in protecting our wildlife. They spend their hard earned money funding fuel and other essentials whilst helping the Badgers, How do I know, because I know some of them. Denbury Farm is known a Camp Badger Somerset. For three years we allowed the saboteurs through Jay Tiernan of Stop the Cull to use our fields as the campsite. The only condition being that Jay would always make a camp here if ever the cull came to our part of the country. Unfortunately now that we need him he has refused to help us, as he has with a camp in Devon. Really strange to make that decision and not very honourable.  So I would strongly suggest that any person contributing to help the saboteurs only give any money to a local saboteurs groups in the cull areas or in your area if you are helping them to stop fox hunting. You can find them on facebook. You can then always be sure the money goes to helping the saboteurs and not were it is unaccountable.
We have now managed to get other saboteurs here a Denbury without Jay Tiernans help. Could do with more but today people are walking a large area around the farm and will do so of a night time. They are from a local saboteurs group with others. We also have a drone with thermal imaging protecting the boundaries and I will be about day and night.

What to look for and pass on registration numbers and name if known to your local hunt saboteurs on Facebook
Cage traps with peanuts scattered in the area
Peanuts scattered or in piles in fields and woodland
Holes with peanuts in the bottom in fields and woodland
Have you got Maize growing in your area. Good spots for laying traps
Any vehicles carrying cage traps
Unusual 4 wheel drive vehicles driving around country lanes
Unusual activity in the countryside and torch lights at night
Shooters bragging about what they have shot
People you suspect as being involved with the shooting

Our Life at Denbury Farm Blog 20th August 2017




 This year for the first time the Badger Cull is coming to the part of Somerset we live at.
After nearly 20 years of us broadcasting live badgers on a sett at Denbury Farm they are now at a serious risk of being killed by being shot by an evil Government and the lobbying of the evil National Farmers Union, who both know there is no scientific proof that it is Badgers that pass on TB to Cattle. In fact there is evidence that shows that cattle pass on Bovine Tuberculosis to badgers, deer, goats, pigs, camelids (llamas and alpacasOtters dogs cats, and many other mammals. Yes even your precious moggies, but the stupid government and more so the National Farmers Union somehow don’t want the public to know the truth. They don’t want you to know because they are wasting taxpayers money. Up to 2015 the cost was £17 Million that works out at £7580 for every badger unnecessarily butchered. That cost does not include 2016 and future years of the slaughter. Money that could well be spent by the NHS on the sick. Guess what, of those badgers killed in 2013 so few badgers were found to have Bovine Tuberculosis  that the government no longer test any badgers they murder, so there are no figures of how many badgers carry TB.

Bovine TB is Bovine TB, not badger,  deer or any other animal TB. Recently it has been found in two areas that have never had TB or badgers. A few days ago cattle on a farm on the Island of Skye have been tested positive for TB. Badgers didn’t cause it, there are none on the Island. One cause of the spread of Bovine Tuberculosis is through the movement of cattle around the country. Every week thousands of cattle who have been sold in markets and privately are moved from one end of the country to the other. Cattle are supposed to be tested before being moved, but there are a few who don’t. Other causes are free roaming deer, alpacas and llamas living in fields next to cattle. The Badgers are scapegoats because of lobbying by the National Farmers Union and government scientists who have a one track mind and ignore some of the worlds most eminent scientists. 

The photographs were taken last night by Mrs Farmer