Badgers and Wildlife Watching

Denbury Farm set in 85 acres of rolling countryside and woodlands that is farmed for the protection of all wildlife. Our belief is that we are only custodians of the land we farm and that we owe it to future generations to manage our land and protect our wildlife for the future.

Denbury Farm is a haven for an amazing array of Somerset Wildlife. Walking through our secluded enclosed Wooded Valley with itsLakes and Meandering Stream is tranquillity itself, at dawn and dusk, grazing in the open fields the Red Deer, Roe Deer or Munkjack Deerare startled when you tread on a twig and they take refuge in the Woods jumping fences with leaps and bounds, the telltale signs of the well-worn tracks and bristle hair on the barbwire give the Badgers Trail away that lead to their sets where we put hides for you to be able to be close.

You hear the Buzzard calling to its young as it teaches it to hunt rabbits and the Woodpecker pecking to make its nest, you see Tree creepers,Yellowhammer, Corn Bunting and many other birds fluttering around for food to take back to their nests.

Water Wildlife around the peaceful and tranquil Lakes comes to life, The Otter slips down the embankment into the water to compete for the Fish with the Little Egret shrouding its wings above it head to cast shadows over the rippling water in anticipation for its catch, the noise of the Swans and Geese establishing their territory, the House Martins and Swallows busily skimming across the water catching insects to feed their chicks. Glimpse the Kingfisher darting about, settling on a branch waiting to dive into the water for its catch.

All this amazing Wildlife and much more can be regularly seen at Denbury Farm. Custom made Wildlife Hides and a Tree House are strategically placed around the farm to help you see it all. Or you can always watch our amazing wildlife on our webcams. The Denbury Farm Badger web cam is watched from all corners of the world.

If member of your family or friends would rather participate in other activities, Fish on our Lakes or use our Astronomy Facilities There is always plenty to do at Denbury Farm.

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we have been watching the badger camera in early evening in readiness for our holiday at the farm in few weeks time. Last night we saw 4 Deer and 2 Badgers at the same time and later Foxes too. Iam really looking forward to using my camera as wildlife is my favorite subject.

Most amazing and relaxing place. Animals so friendly. Llammas are haughty. Meercats are fun. Ringtailed lemurs are lively. Peacock turkey chickens etc will be waiting on your doorstep for a treat. Great. Wallabies are cute. And capybara are loveable. Actually went into field when colin fed the emus. Unexpected. Lovely fishing lakes -we caught a 32lb common carp and plenty of others. Only 2 minutes from cottage that has everything you need. Have already booked for next year again

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