Starting from number six there are five new photographs on…

May 8, 2009 in webcams by MrFarmer

Starting from number six there are five new photographs on the Photo Page.

Some of the colours at Denbury this afternoon.

Marsh Marigold on the edge of the Lake. Going over a bit, I should have taken the photograph last week when you could see very little green.

Apple Blossom in the Orchard.

Bluebells in Ash Wood. One of Jades special places.

More Bluebells.

Wild Garlic in Denbury Wood. All of the Wood is a Carpet of white.

Living at Denbury we at times forget what a beautiful place it is. I thought that you may like to share some of the special places at this time of the year. The Whole Valley is alive with the smell of the Wild Garlic. As I was taking the photograph of the Garlic I startled three Deer who were within twenty feet of me in the Wood. A young Vixen making her way towards the Farm House turned back when she caught sight of me as I was coming out of the Wood. Just as well with the Chickens and Geese in the Farm Yard and surrounding area.

Eleven of the Turkey Chicks have gone leaving us with six. four of the eggs did not hatch and one Chick died at the hatching. We made a mistake with the hatching by leaving the hatching tray uncovered, it was to slippery for the Chicks. This caused three of the Chicks that we kept to have splayed legs and they were unable to stand. We have hobbled the splayed legs with cut strips of elasticated bandage. The Chicks can now stand but if they fall on to their backs they are unable to roll on to their front and we have to turn them over so that they can stand up. We are hoping that the splayed legs will get right being hobbled. There is a a chance with odds against it that they wont. The Chicks are still in the Hatcher and will stay in there until we have to put the Geese eggs in it. That should be Tuesday or Wednesday next week. If the Chicks are able to walk properly I will put the webcam back on.

After speaking with other who have incubated Geese eggs we are told that they are quite difficult and that we may well finish up with no Goslings. We will see how it goes. If we are unlucky then we will let our Geese incubate their own eggs.

One Lady put an entry on the Forum twice over the past few days that at work she has numerous streams running at the same time, all minimised so that she can quickly look at them in between work. I would appreciate any of you doing so, not to. I am charged for every webcam that you have on. You cant watch two things at once. I cant and I don’t know any one who can. The donations that some of you have sent in, and the Google adds, that again some of you are accessing (thank you) is just about making it possible for us to continue. Leaving more than one webcam on, and also leaving them on when you are not watching them is causing unnecessary costs that in the end I wont want to pay, and the site will have to close.