Although I would have written a Diary tonight I have…

December 23, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

Although I would have written a Diary tonight, I have got to give it a miss. Our Aga has decided to play up. Although we have an oven as well as our Aga to cook with, our Turkey is to large for the oven. The Aga also cooks in a different way to conventional cookers.

The Aga is positioned in an old Inglenook fire place. It is a very nice Inglenook that also has a bread oven, and even has a place where an iron would have been put to heat on the open fire. When we first came to Denbury all of the old features had been covered or blocked up, including this Inglenook. When we unblocked it we found the remains of an old Range. Unfortunately the Range had been damaged, I suspect by those who blocked it up. Worse still a twelve to fifteen foot chimney had been built on top of the Range. The only way to get the damaged Range out of the Inglenook, was to take the chimney down, and rebuild it when the Range was removed. It is a nice olde worlde feature now that it has been finished. The Aga sits in the Inglenook, with a gap of about a foot all the way around, and has been used by one or other of all the Dogs that we have had, to go behind, to get out of the way or sleep. Bit of a shock when any one who does not know of this hiding place, when suddenly they are confronted by one of the Dogs squeezing out from behind.

It was Tass’s”s Mums and Jades spot until they died, then Kye took it over. Kye seems to have caused the problem that we have with the Aga when she goes in and out from behind it, she has been knocking the controller, that seems to be the problem we are now having, as it is not working properly, causing the Aga to keep going out.