Some of you may have seen that we tried to…

May 5, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

Some of you may have seen that we tried to introduce our two riding Horses with Lady and her Foal. So that it did not become to over bearing for the Foal, we would introduce Breeze first, half an hour later we would try Arnie. It did not work, Breeze being Breeze decided she would show who was in charge, which she is, although she is the smallest of our Horses, being 14.2hh. As soon as she went in the field she started to round Lady and the Foal up, of course Lady did not want Breeze to be to near the Foal and started to run away. The trouble with Breeze is that she wont give up, and immediately it became a chase. When Breeze got to near, Lady gave the sign that she was going to kick out, to stop Breeze. Most Horses would keep their distance, not Breeze, She turned her back to Lady and threw out a couple of threatening kicks towards Lady that could have well hit the Foal. Although immediately we could see that we had to catch Breeze, they were running to hard and fast for us to be able to catch her. The Foal would not have the stamina to run for to long, it could then become very ugly between Lady and Breeze, putting the Foal in a very dangerous position.

Fortunately we got in a position to be able to get in between Lady and Breeze and managed to get a head collar on Lady. Breeze is not silly she knew that we may take Lady out of the field and she made her way to the gate. We had left a Head collar on Breeze, just in case of problems and we were able to get a lead rope on her. Back to her stable she went.

It would have been good for all of the Horses to be out together. As it is Lady and the Foal with Woody are out in the day, Breeze and Arnie of a night. We need to get the two yearlings Bliss and Misty in the field. We know that there will be a chase about with Breeze, but the yearling will be bossed about because of their age, and of course will be faster and more agile to be able to get away from Breeze. We will have to fence part of the field off and put Breeze into the area, so that she will be able to get use to the Foal. We did that last year, but had hoped this year Breeze would have been better. When Breeze gets use to the idea of the Foals she is very good with them and becomes their second mum.

I was hoping to have had a new Swallow camera going today. I found a new nest, one with two eggs. I attached the wires to the camera that were there from two years back but it did not work. The camera is an Internet camera that can pan, tilt and zoom, ideal for the area. I think that the cable must be broken, I do not have any more of the cable left. I will try to put a fixed camera up tomorrow, so at least we can see something until I can get some more of the cable.

The second Scottish Widlife Trust camera could be on tomorrow.

No Karen, we have not managed to round up any more of the sheep. I think that they will be on their way to market very soon. Sheep are just to much work.

Juliet, Woody is eighteen, not over old for a broodmare. Many go on well into their twenty’s. Age was nothing to do with her still born Foal. What ever illness she had/has was the cause.

Yes Elsie, had the first full nights sleep last night, first for nearly a couple of months.
Woody has again been very well today, I must admit I am surprised.

Val, you haven’t been reading the Diary. I did tell you a lot about the two Horses. Their names are Breeze and Arnie. Breeze is a 14.2hh Palomino with Flaxen tail and mane, she is mostly Arab, and a real Barbie Doll Horse. Pretty as a picture but scatty. Arnie is the Dark Bay 17.3hh Dutch Warm blood, gentle giant.