This morning I left the valley camera pointing to the…

October 30, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

This morning I left the valley camera pointing to the right hand wood, hoping that you would be able to see the beautiful colours, as the leaves on the trees start to change colour. With the valley having woods on both sides, we are surrounded within a sea of fabulous shades of brown, orange, yellow, green and red. The camera will never be able show the display as it is when you live here, but I hope it gave you an idea of how the valley looks at this time of year. I think the valley looks its best in the Autumn, unfortunately it last only a short time, even less in a windy Autumn, when the trees can be made bear overnight. It is then that you think of the long winter that is on its way.

Last winter was very mild here. The Horses were out in their field until late November. We could do with the weather we are getting now to last for a good while longer. It is only the rain that make us get the Horses in of a night. With their turnout rugs on the Horses are much better off being out. I must admit it also makes it easier for us not having to muck out the stables every morning. A few year back we started to have rain early in September, the Horses had to be stable very soon after. I remember that at the timed we worked out for how long it had rained for. It was over a hundred days that rained for none stop. Every day we were soaked through. I hope we never get that again. This year it has been so mild and dry that most days we are able to leave the Horses rugs off during in the day.

We have got to start thinking about weaning Willow off of Lady. Willow is now six months old and the time is very near. If you don’t wean the Foals you can cause them problems. Their Mothers know when it is the right time and will sometimes start to kick out at their Foals when they try to feed from her. In past years we have had two Foals to wean off each time. It makes it easier as we are able to put the Foals together away from the Mares, who we have to put in closed stables for about a week. With Woody loosing her Foal it is going to be difficult for Willow. Willow hangs out with Bliss and Misty a lot of the time. If Bliss and Willow had been staying on the Farm, instead of going to France we would have been able to shut Lady away, leaving Willow with the Youngsters. We need to decide how we are to Wean Willow soon.

The Ewe lamb is doing well now that she is not in the the rest of the Sheep. First thing this morning I went to look for her. I thought that when I called out she may of come my way. When she didn’t I thought the worse, but I soon found her, close to where I had seen her last night.