The Veterinary came today to check out the broodmares I…

March 23, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

The Veterinary came today to check out the broodmares. I had changed the camera over so that it could be seen, unfortunately the sun was shining into the stable and the picture whited out.

Very often mares get badly torn vulva’s and around that area, on their first foaling. Many studs have their mares vulva’s cut to stop any serious tearing, and stitched after the foaling, the restitching of the vulva makes it necessary to have the vulva’s re cut just before any future foaling. I always try not to have them restitched, after foaling we check the vulva area, if it is not torn and clean we let it heal naturally, it saves the mares any stress when they have their new foal at foot.

At last years foaling neither Lady or Woody needed restitching, but I have them checked out before this years foaling to make sure that the vulva did not need re cutting. Lady was fine and she was not re cut. Woody had closed up and had to have a small incision, after having a local anesthetic. Woody has no problem with the Veterinary, and takes any treatment by them without flinching. Lady is completely different, on any new Veterinarians first visit, even without any indication it is a Veterinary, she knows. I normally let Lady and Woody walk themselves into the stable, Lady will never let Woody leave her, and follows her without fail, not today, she saw the Veterinary and legged it in the opposite direction to Woody and the Veterinary, she didn’t need a lot of chasing, but for sure she knew. Now we just have the foaling to look forward to, and having to wake ourselves all through the night, until Lady and Woody foal.

We managed to put a new Squirrel feeder in place today, near where the Badgers feed on camera two, I saw a squirrel there yesterday. with a bit of luck it will find it soon. I may need to put a bird feeder close to it, for they seem to find the bird feeders first, although I should imagine that the Squirrels have been feeding on any left over Badger food from the night before.