There are five new photographs on the Photo page starting…

January 28, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

There are five new photographs on the Photo page, starting from number one.

Tired Foal at New Forest Hampshire. Someone wanted to see the Church taken in Summer. I am sending two so you can pick which one to show. Elsie.

Two damselflies mating on my garden pond. Lynne.

My two other dogs, the red one is Jagger and the black one is Rasta. These two are best buddies, as you can see. Karen, Florida (USA)

I’ve attached a pic my hubby took of some marsh tits. I reckon they can only be told from willow tits when close to, or they keep still – which they don’t for long on the cam feeder! You’ve certainly got a good selection at Denbury – Blue, Great, Coal and the Long-tailed which are gorgeous!Cheers Mary.

I reset the Telescope last night and tried to get a decent image of Mars. Unfortunately it wasn’t very good, and not worth putting on the webcam. There is only about two to three weeks left of Mars being worth looking at. I have ordered a lens to get it closer, but by the time it arrives it may be to late. Saturn can be seen at the moment, and it is closer to earth than Mars. The new lens will help to look at Saturn. It will also show even closer images on the Moon. No one is trying what we are doing with our Astro webcam, so every thing that we do is hit and miss.

We were going to wean Willow today or tomorrow. After talking about it last night we have decided to take a different approach. During the day we put Lady and Willow in the corral in front of the stable area that Emmi and Gypsy are stabled, leaving them both in their stables. This gave Willow the chance to feel secure but allowed her to investigate Gypsy across the stable door. When we first put Lady and Willow in the area they were very unsure of what was going on. I should think that they remembered the last time we tried to wean Willow. At first they paced around the corral snorting and showing that they didn’t like what was going on. Once they had settled Willow put her head into Gypsy’s stable across the door and has been doing it most of the day.

Tomorrow or Wednesday we will try to let Gypsy out and put Lady into her stable. I dont trust Lady not to give Gypsy a kick or I would let them all out together. Hopefully Willow will start to bond with Gypsy, making us able to part Lady and Willow. I have never had this trouble before with weaning. Any Horse person who has weaned would think we were mad. With Lady’s history of weaving, what we cant do is stress Willow out to a degree that she does the same. I believe that weaving is hereditary as well as a copy cat vice. If Willow started to weave, she would be no good to any one.

With putting Lady and Willow in the area with Emmi and Gypsy, we needed to put Breeze and Arnie into the area that we made for Willow and Gypsy in the barn next to the sheep. Some how some one forgot to tie the gate. When we went to make sure that the two of them were settled Arnie was found with his nose in one of the feed bins. He had pushed the gate open and had managed to eat a good seven kilo of feed. Needless to say he didn’t get this evening feed.