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Our Life at Denbury Farm Blog 22nd November 2017

What I would like more than anything is for my farm blog to be happy, with nice things happening and nice thing to write about, but unfortunately with the filth that is about there always seems to be nasty things happening to the wildlife by evil people. The photographs of one of the two buzzards that have obviously been shot by missing flight feathers was taken a few weeks ago. I wasn’t able to put it into the blogs as it was being investigated by the wildlife crime police officer. He reported back to me by email yesterday.

The photograph was sent to the RSPB who are classed as experts, who confirmed it was without seeing the actual circumstances of the injury was caused by a shotgun. It has been recorded it on their system and added as a crime on the Avon and Somerset Police system ref No. – 5217266079 if in the unlikely event someone in the area witnessed the shooting, The RSPB’s last report about shot Buzzards in my area was in 2013. Not a one off incident and just two that have been witnessed. How many more that have not been.

Mrs Farmer and myself may well have witnessed the event without realising when on a walk down the valley with the dogs a few weeks back. We were watching the resident Buzzards on the thermals above Nigel Webbers Pitpear Farm, fields belonging to Halse Farm and our own Denbury. We heard a shotgun being fired close by. All three buzzards dropped and flew out of the area.

Most birds of prey as the Buzzard all though protected are regularly shot in the vicinity of organised shoots. A few years ago Prince Harry was questioned by the Police when two Hen Harriers were shot at Sandringham, one of the Queens estates. He was seen with a friend in the area at the time. The same thing happened very close by, just this August. Here is a link with Dirty Harry with his shotgun with pockets bulging with cartridges. Filth, and taxpayers support them. Sorry, I have always been a royalist, but not when they kill for fun and pretend to be conservationist with Elephants and Rhinos. Why is the Hen Harriers or birds of Prey worth any less? Because they eat a few pheasants. Less for them to shoot.

There are two organised shoot on the Denbury Farm boundaries. Nigel Webbers at Pitpear Farm and Halse Farm. There is another just a little bit farther away. I can’t imagine how many pheasants they release for the shooting is constant on their shooting days.

The Horses in their new winter rugs that we changed today. The original ones we purchased were not as good as advertised and we sent them back. These new ones have neck pieces to keep them a little warmer. We have a gale blowing through the valley tonight so I reckon the horses will be well pleased with their new outfits. The is still quite a lot of grass for them to eat. With luck they will be able to stay out a few weeks more before bringing them in for the winter.

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Our Life at Denbury Farm Blog 2nd November 2017


I wish they would stop messing about with the clocks going back and forward every year. Already it has taken us 3 days trying to get use to it and it will be a week or more to be able to fully get to the right time. The animals don’t know what time it is so we gradually change over the course of 10 days plus. Be great to get an extra hour lay in but unfortunately it would be on our minds and I wouldn’t be able to sleep knowing that the animals were waiting at the gates for breakfast.

The reasons they give for changing the clocks seem to change from one year to another. It use to be something to do with farming and the war years, but just recently it is because it will get dark so early in Scotland. What ever the reason it doesn’t do us a lot of good.

We are so fortunate to have the wildlife we have at Denbury. Three types of deer, two we see regularly, fox, badger, stoat, weasel, now and then the otter and so many species of birds that we loose count. We will put the bird feeder camera on over the next week. Unfortunately most birds on the farm don’t eat what we put out. A good few do.

In the spring of 2016, just after Springwatch we had a phone call from their production team who were considering Denbury as a Springwatch location. Unfortunately, maybe not unfortunately. The biggest problem would have been the very large artic lorries that would have needed to come. The location they chose had not all the wildlife that we have at Denbury, and I am not sure how we would be able to suffer the disruption to our life and how much it would disturb our wildlife 

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Our Life at Denbury Farm Blog 28th October 2017

Today has been the first Pheasant Game shooting of the season at Pitpear Farm. Pitpear is adjacent to our property Denbury Farm. Many of you would be aware of my dislike of this evil pastime. I believe it to be by far the worst blood sport, bar none. Fox and Deer hunts are not acceptable and are already banned, or meant to be. Game shooting should be, but with the wealthy and royalty that participate in the evil pastime, it unfortunately will never. 

I cant imagine what pleasure people get in shooting pheasants and other game bird, (what a revolting name, game birds) It is meant to be a manly thing to do? LOL, although there are women who participate. (Shame on them) For sure there is no skill in shooting game birds. Shot gun cartridges used for game shooting are packed with as many as 410 small pellets, that spray out in a very large area making it nearly impossible to miss the bird they are trying to kill.  My conclusion is that they are wanabee soldiers, action men. 

I am not a vegan or even a vegetarian. Although I don’t like game shooting and would never participate even to eat, I will accept a person shooting who eats all he shoots, but most of the shoots like Pitpears Farm with Nigel Webber and his Son Robert Webber invite people to pay and join a syndicate to shoot on their land. Lots of shoots also do organised corporate days out for complete novices, who have never handled a shotgun let alone shot one that make it even more likely the birds will not be killed outright. Other than a few that are sold to restaurants and game outlets most of the games birds shot are dumped. Last year I found 40 birds dumped on the side of a local road.

The pheasants and game birds from the day they hatch, are reliant on man, they are fed and watered by them up to the day they are shot. They don’t see man as a threat as do deer, fox and rabbits who would take flight. Man to the birds are no threat what so ever. One day those they rely on send in dogs into woods, scrub, hedges and other places that is their sanctuary and refuge. They frighten them into the path of being murdered, by burning hot gun shot, making them fall from heights that alone would severely injure them, if not death. Many do not die instantly and I have found them alive on my property days after the shoots with gunshot injuries, broken wings and legs, limping and struggling trying to find feed that until they were shot would be put down by their murderers to keep them in their boundaries. We with some degree of success manage to entice a good number of the birds to a safe haven on our farm. 

Prince William and Harry and other so called royalty should set an example and not be two faced making out to be concerned with wildlife in Africa and beyond and stop murdering birds in the country they are meant to represent. The Crown Prosecution Service confirmed Harry was questioned on the Sandringham estate over the shooting of Two Hen Harriers, very rare bird that will eat game birds for food. I am loosing all respect for these two clowns. I am ashamed that I once and only once went on a shoot. I know the evil it is.

Photos. Pheasants ready to be run over after being released ready to be shot. A beautiful Pheasant and  Nigel Webber and his son Richard of Pitpear Farm

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Our Life at Denbury Farm Blog 25th October 2017

Although the cull has officially finished we are still checking around the farm area just to make sure. After eight weeks non stop it is difficult to believe it has finished. I am also concerned that maybe, although unlikely there are numbers that have to be made up.
Yesterday afternoon as we were about to do the afternoon feed when one of our Muscovy ducks, or should I say refugee Muscovy with a single newly hatched duckling in tow, making hell of a noise and squawking coming towards us. Muscovy ducks wouldn’t be the best mothers in the world. It wouldn’t be unusual for them to walk away and leave their ducklings, but being newly hatched and squawking I called Mrs Farmer to help look incase she has abandoned others. She had and by the direction of the noise she had left them twenty five feet in the air in the peak of the barn roof, in a barn owl nest box, the only way to get to them was by a long ladder. Not being a lover of heights it was Mrs Farmers job to rescue the ducklings. 
What a stupid place to nest and it wouldn’t be the first time. The ducking’s become kamikaze pilots when they leave their barn owl nest box, jumping off from the nest box platform and dropping rather than floating down one after the other, landing with a thud, surprisingly doing them no harm at all. When they hatched this time the one walking towards us with the duck must have hatched a lot earlier than the rest, the duck thinking the other eggs were not going to. When Mrs Farmer climbed to rescue them they hadn’t made the eighteen inch climb to get to the platform, so it was just as well that she heard them calling, for seven more ducklings in the owl box.
Safe in a bucket they were lowered down and reunited with their mum. This morning there was a duckling missing that was found by Mrs Farmer. It was a little weak and finding it a bit hard to walk. She kept it in her hoodie pocket until strong and went to find its mum who by this time had decided to take the day old ducklings on a route march in the horses field, for a hundred meters and still going, up hill at that. They must have been exhausted. there was another missing, so we are not holding our breath to see how many survive.
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Our Life at Denbury Farm Blog 23rd October 2017


The Police have been stood down in the Somerset Cull Area meaning the badger cull is finished for this year. Although the cull has finished we will be patrolling for a while just in case there are attempts to get numbers up. How many this Conservative. Government ordered by The National Farmers Union have managed to murder, it will soon be known. What ever the total is, the cull experiment will be a complete waste of time and money that could be spent on those people who are suffering because of the hardship they are enduring because of welfare cuts. Next year it will start again unless the Government stops being controlled by the NFU. The only glimmer of hope is Michael Gove the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs who is known for being a radical, honest not being as politician who wastes money. Wish full thinking, maybe.

For the past week Bobbie and Fox have been pursued, harassed, threatened and their lives put at risk by a group of people associated with the person who assaulted and stole from Bobbie in the area of Hamwood Farm, near Wellington. The Farm is signed up to be in the cull. Bobbie and Fox found two shooters on the farm a couple of days ago. The Police were phoned and attended on the past three nights, giving the people concerned warnings and last night issuing the driver with a section 59 as they had witnessed the incidents themselves. After a week of harassing and threats, why were they not arrested and charged? How long are these people going to be  allowed to get away with it before someone is injured or even killed.

The cull company has a duty and is required by its licence to murder the badgers that it is to make sure that the cull is organised and those employed in a way not to endanger any property or people. They are failing and should have had the licence revoked.

Last night seven people including Bobbie and Fox were out patrolling the same area without any problems. Even a few badgers were seen. Well done all those sincere caring people who have been trying to stop the murder of innocent animals. Personally we cannot thank Bobbie and Fox enough for the hours they have spent at our farm patrolling, and not only here for they have helped in other areas where they have had so much trouble directed at them. Remember all you lumps of dogs diarrhoea who have demonised them, you know who you are, try to be as them and walk the walk not talk the talk.


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Our Life at Denbury Farm Blog 16th October 2017

Bobbie has not been put off after being assaulted by the cull companies henchmen. She was out patrolling yesterday day and night, just a few hours after the assault as both her and Fox have been for the past seven weeks. The Police are taking the assault seriously and an investigating is taking place in the area. This sort of assaults and very much more severe every week when protesters against animal cruelty are being targeted by vigilantes employed by fox hunting kennels so that they are able illegally. WATCH THIS, IF HE DOSENT GET A LONG PRISON SENTENCE THE SYSTEM WILL BE PROVED TO BE CORRUPT.  AND SCROLL DOWN. THE SAME PERSON WAS NOT PROSECUTED WHEN HE ATTACKED PROTESTER WITH AND IRON BAR. 



Last night whilst patrolling at 10.30 pm I spied a suspicious person in a layby/carpark on Ash Priors common just half a mile from the farm. We traced him to an address in Bishops Lydeard, after the same person was seen by Bobbie and Fox a week or so ago in an other layby at 11.0pm in the same vehicle a 4 x 4. Both locations are extremely quite, very strange places to be at that time of night. I challenged the driver and took a photograph of him. After doing a patrol I returned to the car park where he was just leaving. I followed where he parked up again in a very strange place. Phoned Bobbie and Fox who found the person in the same place. His reason for his suspicious actions was that he was extremely religious and was in a quite locations to pray. No way, didn’t believe that for one moment. We know where he lives, and will keep watch. Of course he may well be innocent.

On night time patrolling in the countryside every vehicle has to be suspect. Like Bobbie and Fox I have done so every night for seven weeks, rarely seeing any vehicles. It is just watching for lamps, listening for gunshots and following suspicious vehicles. Daytime it is checking fields for traps, badger peanut bait points and again looking for suspicious vehicles. We hope it is doing some good and saving some badgers but there are thousands of acres that have to be checked. The target for this years cull is 33000. What evil bastards these people are in government, when there is so much that proves that badgers are only a small, if any cause of Bovine TB and the money, ten of millions of £s that is being wasted on this wicked cull.

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Our life at Denbury Farm Blog 15th October 2017


Unless there is an extension, we are coming into the last week of this pointless badger cull.

The Badger Cull companies are employing vigilantes to assault those people who are trying to save the badgers. Bobbie one of our girls who are patrolling around our farm was seriously assaulted last night and her body cam and other property stolen. It wont stop her or others doing what is right.

Pointless because it is never going to stop the spread of Bovine TB. The government and their masters the National Farmers Union have known this from the very start. There is to much evidence that is being ignored that proves it. It is political instigated with the help thirty conservative MPs who lobby for the NFU. Why? what are they getting? If by killing our badgers it was going to stop BTB then I would be all for it, but it is not. Of all the badgers tested only 3% had TB. Fox, deer, farm cats, dogs and camelid’s have been shown to be larger carriers of the disease. 

Although deer and fox  are carriers and spread TB as badgers  they will never be culled because it will stop fox and deer hunting that is an evil pastime of the so called gentry, rich farmers, royalty and politicians. A disgrace. Our pets wont because of the massive outcry that there would be. With camelids who are probably the largest carriers, there is no policy That just leaves the badgers because it is easy for them to be blamed as their homes are on farms.

Farmers have to sign up and pay for their land to be included in a badger cull. If they don’t join they are pursued by the cull companies at livestock markets and phone calls from other farmers pressurising them to join. I know of many farmers in my area who haven’t joined because it is to expensive, or as three brother who farm nearby and a dairy farmers next to us told me that it would be a waste of time being that deer are carriers. All three brothers are elderly and have farmed cattle all of their lives and they would know, so why don’t the government and NFU, because they don’t want to, because its political.

I know the names of two directors of the cull company in my area. They don’t like people to know who they are because they are cowards. We are also getting information of those who are shooting. There are lots of people including farmers who are against the cull.

Three shot dead badgers found by a wounded badger patrol in Wiltshire. Been left in open for extended period no concern for bio security. Shooters just piling them up at various locations to be picked up for bagging & incineration at some point. National disgrace

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Our life at Denbury Farm Blog 6th October 2017


We have been so busy over the past weeks that I have had very little time to do a blog. 

We had a new addition on the farm yesterday with the birth of another Llama (Cria) We started with two not so many years ago, and now have eleven.

Also yesterday the horses got their new winters wear. Being warm bloods and an Arab they are fine coated, To be able to leave them out until winter sets in they need rugging up to keep warm. The pony is a welsh mountain pony that gets a very thick winter coat and doesn’t really need a rug, but she has one, just so she doesn’t feel left out.

With the help of Bobbie, Fox and others we have been patrolling in our area looking for badger cull traps and those shooting the badgers. It has been a 24/7 job checking around fields, hedges and woods. The drone with the night vision helps a lot, but it is tedious but well worth the effort if we only to save one badger, but I am sure all those patrolling are saving many more. After being shit on by those giving promises, I cannot imagine how we could of managed without Bobbie and Fox, they are patrolling around the cull area every night and day with very little sleep. If we had got some little help from the Somerset Badger Patrol who have been conspicuous by their absence it would have been helpful,  but no it hasn’t happened. But that’s life it and teaches you to know who you can trust. 

The pheasant shooting season started on the 1st of October, and don’t you know it. Yesterday at Chapel Leigh, without I promise any exaggeration, more shots were fired than any exaggerated war movie. How many birds were slaughtered or are now struggling about injured I wouldn’t want to guess. It must have been a lot. What pleasure they get from killing these beautiful birds I really can imagine. In a different life, before I realised what a moron I was being, I went on a shoot and believe me you really don’t need to be an expert shot, in fact a novice could do it without any tuition.  Could be they are wannabe soldiers. I am told any of the organised shoots who haven’t joined the cull will avoid having their shoot disrupted by saboteurs.



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Our life at Denbury Farm Blog 19th September 2017



I make no apology for these 3 photographs that show the wrong in the killing our wildlife, and how those who are doing the killing are causing the spread of any disease that they are meant to be controlling and causing these innocent badgers.

The first photo is of a cage trap that was left in a field after a badger was trapped and shot, many hours after it was first trapped. The culling companies licences are given under very strict conditions. The most important are hygiene and not allowing any animal to suffer. These strict conditions are being completely ignored by those murdering our wildlife

The second photo is of a badger that was shot by a high velocity .243 rifle that obviously did not kill the badger outright and it was allowed by to suffer a lingering painful death that know body knowing how long it suffered. Again against the strict conditions that those culling should allow any animal to suffer.

The third photo is from yesterdays Daily Mirror that shows a badger who bled to death after being caught and shot in the cage, it was not outright. It was found at 1.40pm, some 6 ½ hours after dawn. Another breach of those licensed to murder our wildlife.

Remember this policy of killing badgers has been instigated by the National Farmers Union, although scientific evidence shows that only 3% of badgers are carriers of bovine TB and that cattle passed it onto badgers. With the help of approximately 30 conservative Members of Parliament who lobby on behalf National Farmers Union they pass an act that is evil.

The .243 rifle are the favourite guns of those killing. It is a long range rifle that the bullets will travel in access of 1 mile. Using firearm that travel at over a mile, at night is an accident waiting to happen to anyone who travels or live in the countryside.

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Our Life at Denbury Farm Blog 11th September 2017


Today Defra licenced the killing of 33500 innocent badgers in twenty one new areas around the country, without any scientific evidence that it is badgers who are the cause of bovine tuberculosis. In fact there is evidence that shows cattle are the cause of bovine tuberculosis in badgers. This government has not even tried to test any of the badgers murdered to see how many do carry Bovine TB. What a disgraceful way to decide that badgers must be murdered. Why do not the government kill your dog, cat, deer and most other of the animals. They all carry Bovine TB

This government policy on the badger cull is being dictated to them by the National Farmers Union. Please Please check that they do not insure your homes and belongings with them. If they do, please change your insurance company to show them you are against the murder of badgers, an important part of our wildlife. The NFU do polls to show that only a minority of the population support the cull. Its a lie. 90% of people in this country cherish our wildlife, it is an important part of our ecosystem.

We are doing all we can to protect our badgers with day and night patrols with sincere lovers of all wildlife. We are also using a drones to watch a large area with thermal imaging cameras. Could do with more help as Jay Tiernan aka Gamel Eboe after using our field for 2013 to 2015 for refuge for the patrols shit on us and refused us help after he promised he would never let us down. He also did the  same to a farm in Devon. So all those who want to contribute make sure you don’t contribute to Stop the Cull or any associated groups. Support only your local sab group. I can give you their websites.

We are going to try to help try to reduce the amount of badgers murdered. If any person knows anyone who is helping to murder the badgers, please let us know  their names, addresses, vehicle registration numbers and where they are operating. You can also let us know of any suspicious vehicles who are carrying large cages or are unusual 4 wheel drive vehicles driving around at unusual hours. We will then name and shame them. Any person who know the cull companies please let us know.